Drawing Golfing Illustrations

Being an illustrator can be a hard gig sometimes, you can get all sorts of random assignments that you have to fulfill. One day you might be drawing children’s cartoons, the next day hot air balloons and the next day golfing illustrations. That’s right, golfing illustrations; all sorts of things need to be drawn by someone and golf is one of the most popular games in the world. Golfers have an almost unrivaled passion for their sport and therefore there will always be a market for you when you are drawing all things golf.

Golf is a sport that has the power to take over someone’s life, in a good way of course. The marketing of golf accessories is big business, from the many different clubs people need to play to the bags and the golfing attire that are almost mandatory. Golf clothing is a huge market with brand names like [2985] making lots of different styles and sizes.

All of this merchandise needs a design and a lot of it requires illustration work. If you take a trip down to your local Golfshop you will see exactly what I mean, golf logos and illustrations are featured everywhere. There is also a big market in illustration work with the many golfing magazines, as these require lots of constant work from writers and illustrators everywhere.

Drawing golfing illustrations can be a lot of fun as well, you can work in a realistic style or you can draw golf cartoons if that is what your client wants. Every job will be different of course, but like any illustration work you can find lots of ways to express yourself and be creative while you work.

Designing and drawing golf illustrations will not really require you to have any different or unique skills than many other jobs. You will need to have a good grasp of drawing human figures of course, as most golfing illustrations are centred around the golfer themselves. The other iconic golfing designs that you will need to master are the golf clubs and golf bags. These are used by all golfers and are instantly recognisable with the game. Many golf icons featured on clothing may require you to draw more abstacted and almost cartoon like illustrations as well.

When it comes to magazine work and work with Internet publishers, there may be a big variety of work you have to do. From cover designs to golf advertising prints you will never be bored if you are lucky enough to find work in this field. All in all, drawing golfing illustrations is not that different from lots of other work you may have done in the past. The difference is more in the industry of golf itself, and this is where you will have to do your homework. If you can make the right contacts in the clothing or magazine industries it is indeed possible to secure lots of work drawing golfing illustrations for a number of different clients.